A Glance of The Dumpling Tree

The Dumpling Tree is a Chinese restaurant specialises in popular regional food. Most recipes comes from my home town. Our concept is to serve the fresh, honest, and hearty food the native Chinese people really enjoy. All the dishes are made from fresh raw materials from scratch. Our dumplings and rice noodle soups are a healthy and refreshing change from the dishes people associate Chinese food with.

  • As people are more and more educated about what we eat. We are more concerned about the source of each ingredient, how the food is handled, any harmful preservatives added, the freshness and nutritional goodness, the texture and taste. The Dumpling Tree is the product of such awareness. Our dishes have the following characteristics which are appreciated by our customers:
  • Authentic tasty dishes such as Cross Bridge Rice Noodles, Warriors' baps, the dirty dozen, purr louder.
  • Our food is mainly boiled and steamed as if it is cooked at home.
  • The quality and freshness of the food has no call for excess flavouring which is usually associated with Chinese food.
  • We are the one and only restaurant which make fresh rice noodles in the UK which features heavily on our menu and attracts customers from all over the country.
  • Our rice noodles, potato ribbons and rice dishes make a much-varied alternative for people allergic to wheat.
  • The biggest choice of freshly cooked food for vegetarians and vegans such as homemade pan fried cheese - a speciality from my hometown, 3 varieties of vegetable dumplings etc.
  • Our menu shows the level of consciousness of nutrition, balance, method of cooking and taste which is very important to our discerning customers.
  • Our food is associated with legends depicting where it comes from, the idea is through our food one may gain an insight of the native people’s natural habitat, their faith and their ingenuity. The stories are getting longer told by the customers themselves. The food evokes their memories of faraway places. It is amazing how many people have been to the origins of these stories. It is not only delicious food but a total culture experience.
  • We have an excellent rapport with our customers. Our service does not stop at serving food. We have a very friendly approach that people feel respected and relaxed. In return we get to know their honest opinion and suggestions.