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About the new restaurant

There are big changes for The Dumpling Tree in the Summer of 2019. The restaurant is moving to formerly The Med Perne Road Cambridge CB1 3RX. This is going to be a better location, bigger restaurant with an ample car part and lovely garden. It has the capacity of accommodating 100 people and is ideal for weddings and other big events. Our new concept is to combine Chinese cuisine with traditional pub favourites. A range of new dishes have been designed and tested for the launch of the new premises.

With the move to our new restaurant, come the brand-new range of cuisine specially designed to lead you to a far away land where our ingredients and cookware come from. This year we are big on more exotic, and plant-based food – more choices of dumpling fillings, Yunnan wild mushrooms and steamed crock pot casseroles ….. The icing on the cake, you can enjoy your favourite draught beer from a traditional English bar under one roof.

A Food Guide to Yunnan Province

Location is the most notable aspect that makes Yunnan food unique. Yunnan is the most South-Western Province of China, a melting pot of the different cultures it shares a border with: internally Tibet, Sichuan, Guizhou and Guangxi, to the South with Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. The unique geographical features and picturesque landscape make it a favourite tourist destination for Chinese holidays. Yunnan is a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of the East coast and the Northern big cities, every year it attracts over 40 million tourists domestic and internationally. Up high in the mountainous terrain, it shares the far eastern edge of the Himalayas, boasting an average altitude of 6500 ft, with mountains that reach up to 16,000 ft. Although Yunnan belongs to the tropics, the high altitude makes the climate mild and comfortable throughout the year.
Being so far away from the capital (3.5hr flight), Yunnan’s historical culture developed distantly from the rest of China.
The colourful cultural diversity of Yunnan is much reflected in the local cuisine, it is famous for its rich agricultural resources and unique flavours.

About Us

Beautiful Yunnan, one of China’s south western provinces is filled with ethnic and geographical diversity. With an average altitude of 6550 feet, Yunnan enjoys the reputation of being the Kingdom of Flower and Fauna. 26 of China’s 56 ethnic nationalities live there and it is the inspiration behind our restaurant – The Dumpling tree.

Most of our dishes are selected to reflect its way of living in harmony with nature. It is fresh, honest, earthy and hearty food the local Chines people thrive on. Not surprisingly these foods are the simplest, humble, satisfying and nutritional balanced day to day foods. These are the foods which shape the Chinese history and sustain it 56 nationalities. Through their food, one may gain an insight of their natural habitat, their faith and their ingenuity. It is a healthy and refreshing change from the dishes people usually associate the Chinese food with.